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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lo, a Baby

Behold, Fatty Norman at 15 weeks!

(All in-utero babies here are Fatty Norman -- Fatty for Fatty Lumpkin, the pony in The Fellowship of the Ring, and Norman for Spiny Norman, the giant hedgehog from Monty Python. This particular baby is also Septimus.)

Can't tell you yet whether the youngster is a boy or a girl, but it's certainly a wriggles. I saw lots of good elbow and footsie action, and a few barrel rolls. Hands, feet, head, heart, tummy -- everything seems to be where it ought to be.

...On an unrelated note, heaven forbid I should post a shot revealing too much of my exterior, but look, here's the inside of my uterus, for pete's sake.

In what looks like the world's worse Freudian slip, when asked on the form to indicate my sexuality, I started to circle "Homosexual". There's nothing more exciting in that than that I've never been asked that on a form before, and as I wasn't paying great attention to all the stuff I was checking, I went for an answer starting with an "H" before I realized what that answer was. The doctor didn't ask about it.

I still haven't fully made my up mind what to do about birth, but I liked the doctor (especially when he said that he didn't like to put people on bedrest). I liked the nurse. I liked the lady who drew my blood, even. I suppose I should go on a hospital tour and look at the L&D wing like a newbie. I think I can skip the Lamaze class, though.

But the doctor thinks that I can make it through to the end and only gain as much weight as I did last time, which is great considering I started this pregnancy 40 lbs. heavier than I was the last time around. (Bed rest was a big contributing factor to that weight gain. Hey, you try laying stationary for a month and see where it gets you, even without being pregnant. Then try taking the damn weight off.) He recommended exercise -- not just walking around the block, but real exercise. And you know what? I can exercise. I can do this thing.

All right, gang! Let's get out there and have ourselves a baby!


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Fatty Norman. I love that. I don't actually remember the hedgehog skit, but one of my good friends in college was in a band called Spiny Norman. The same friend who, when he tried to do the independent filmmaker thing, the production company he started was called Why You See Productions (Y U C stood for for you're using coconuts.) I've mostly been a vicarious Python fan, references to skits remind me more of the friends who loved them than of the skits themselves.

Joseph Moore said...

Congrats, glad all is well. Our last, 13 years ago, was nicknamed Ty, short for tie-breaker, since we had two each boys and girls at the time.

Ty went to the boys, so now he's David.

Foxfier said...

...On an unrelated note, heaven forbid I should post a shot revealing too much of my exterior, but look, here's the inside of my uterus, for pete's sake.

*gets the giggles* Yeah, but it's not like anyone's going to be reasonably scandalized by it, or lead to sin, eh?

It's "just" a very early baby picture. Which is still so bleeping cool.

Emily J. said...

Congratulations, again! Sweet baby! I love these kinds of posts so much. Last night our church had a pro-life presentation and conversation. A generous welcome and offer of support to more babies probably goes a lot farther than rationalizations to promote the pro-life cause.

Emily said...

Aww! Ultrasound pics never look like much until I go back years later and compare them to the living child. Then I can see him or her there, and it's amazing.

You aren't going to have the baby in your bedroom again? I just reread that story on here last week. You were so badass. I was hoping for a repeat! (But I do understand the reasons one might choose a hospital; I have for all mine, with twinges of regret).

GretchenJoanna said...

Congratulations! As often as a new baby is conceived, it is still a miracle that makes me so happy. I just came home from a (truly Christian) wedding, so I am in a good mood anyway :-) May your Boy be one more cord holding your family tight together. God bless you all!

mrsdarwin said...

Emily, I'm probably going the hospital route because I'm old and tired and we have good insurance. Also, I had a good rapport with the doctor, and that matters more and more to me. (I've always liked my midwives, but actually having that click with your care provider seems crucial.)