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Monday, May 08, 2017

Darwiniana, Big and Small and Big

We had a lovely day for a lovely girl's confirmation.

Julia Thérèse Josephine Bakhita

Three lovely big girls.

Julia and her aged parents
The oldest of the three big girls is turning 15 on Wednesday. The youngest Darwin is also pictured, although like the Holy Spirit, you know him not through seeing him, but by his effects: the bulging maternal midsection, the softening of face and swelling of hips and veins in the wrist.

I will say, in honesty, that for all the ills of pregnancy, there are some compensations. I'm at that stage one hits in late second/early third trimester where my hair is happy every day and my skin glows. And baby kicks with great vigor and regularity, which is lots of fun except when he decides to rotate a shoulder right above my pelvis, or brace his feet and stretch himself out, or tickle.

I am starting to have weird dreams. The other night I dreamed I had to drive myself to the hospital in labor, during rush hour, in my big van, and that I had to give birth in the van with my kids delivering the baby. I woke up wondering why I just didn't plan to have a homebirth again. I don't actually think that's likely to happen. Still, this is why I've stopped reading stories now about how other women give birth. If I start to think about labor and delivery, I have a stress reaction, kind of like how the guy in the dungeon doesn't think much about his coping strategy for the next time the guards drag him off to be racked. Just get through it when it happens, and at least there's a baby at the end.

I want to write more. I want to read more. I want to be more creative. But I keep falling asleep, because all my energy is going to growing this pup, who will one day be as tall as his big sisters and engage in his own creative endeavors (hopefully after potty training, of course). Meanwhile, I expand in every direction but intellectually. My outlook for the future centers on delivering the live weight before I can drop the dead weight.


Jenny said...

Are you getting the ad on FB showing the agonized faces of women in labor? It's supposed to be a happy ad, I think? I get anxious just scrolling past it as fast as I can. No. No. No. I'm not going to think about that right now.

mrsdarwin said...

I think I've seen that in passing, but I can't even look at it.

Finicky Cat said...

Ha! Oh me, oh my, oh pregnancy. What a crazy experience it is, this building a new person inside one's midsection.

Congratulations to the very lovely confirmand.

Finicky Cat said...

Olivia Smith, my dear, I think you've come to the wrong blog.

mrsdarwin said...

She was tenacious, wasn't she? Thank goodness for comment management. Does anyone ever actually decide to consult a spell caster based on blog spam?

Julia said...

She is lovely, as are you.