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Monday, July 30, 2018

Giveaway Winners Update

UPDATE: We had an unclaimed book and CD, so we drew again.

Our book winner is: Patrick!

Our CD winner is: Ebere!

Please send us a note at darwincatholic @ to claim your prize!

We pulled the names from the shark hat and posted the results on the post and in the comments, but here they are again:

Our book winners are: sarah e. and Mathew Smith!
Our CD winners are: Mathew Smith and Rosebud!
Thanks, sarah e. for claiming your book already! Mathew Smith and Rosebud: drop us a note to claim your prizes! They're yours fair and square; my son kept trying to rig the drawing to pull the name he recognized, but I was Lady Justice personified. He's itching to shake the shark hat again, though, so respond before tomorrow night.

The one-eyed shark hat is watching YOU.


MrsDarwin said...

Oh look, I haven't posted as Darwin in years. Must be Monday morning...

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Yay, shark hat! Every boy should have one.