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Sunday, January 27, 2019


I like musical theater pretty well, but I've never checked the 90s cultural moment box by watching Rent -- mostly because I've heard Seasons of Love and didn't find it as inspiring as I was told it was. But tonight at 8/7c, Fox is airing Rent Live, and you know I'm a sucker for live theater on TV... 

I'm going to watch it with some of my older girls as a discussion piece; one of their friends is in the chorus in her high school's production of Rent, so I'd rather them see it with me first. I feel like I'm already biased towards disliking it, but let's see if the show itself can change my mind.  Watch along with me, and let's discuss it afterwards.

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Gertrude Broom-Wielder said...

Given your interests in musical theater, and the fact that you are homeschooling kids who know other kids who will be in a high-school production of it (I'm still trying to adapt to the idea of this as a high-school production), you really do need to see it. I really like a lot of the music, so I hope you will, too. As for being biased towards disliking it--as always, I advise blocking as much of you pre-conceived reactions as possible. I do look forward to discussing it with you and others once you have seen it.