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Saturday, July 02, 2022

A Marriage Song

June 30, 2001. Our marriage is only a year younger than these here kids.

A Marriage Song, by G.K. Chesterton
Why should we reck of hours that rend
While we two ride together?
The heavens rent from end to end
Would be but windy weather,
The strong stars shaken down in spate
Would be a shower of spring,
And we should list the trump of fate
And hear a linnet sing.
We break the line with stroke and luck,
The arrows run like rain,
If you be struck, or I be struck,
There’s one to strike again.
If you befriend, or I befriend,
The strength is in us twain,
And good things end and bad things end,
And you and I remain.
Why should we reck of ill or well
While we two ride together?
The fires that over Sodom fell
Would be but sultry weather.
Beyond all ends to all men given
Our race is far and fell,
We shall but wash our feet in heaven,
And warm our hands in hell.
Battles unborn and vast shall view
Our faltered standards stream,
New friends shall come and frenzies new.
New troubles toil and teem;
New friends shall pass and still renew
One truth that does not seem,
That I am I, and you are you,
And Death a morning dream.
Why should we reck of scorn or praise
While we two ride together?
The icy air of godless days
Shall be but wintry weather.
If hell were highest, if the heaven
Were blue with devils blue,
I should have guessed that all was even,
If I had dreamed of you.
Little I reck of empty prides,
Of creeds more cold than clay;
To nobler ends and longer rides,
My lady rides to-day.
To swing our swords and take our sides
In that all-ending fray
When stars fall down and darkness hides,
When God shall turn to bay.
Why should we reck of grin and groan
While we two ride together?
The triple thunders of the throne
Would be but stormy weather.
For us the last great fight shall roar,
Upon the ultimate plains,
And we shall turn and tell once more
Our love in English lanes.

Our 21st anniversary was not much of a red-letter day, eventwise. Most of the family, including Darwin, had just recovered from COVID; we were nearing tech week for The Sound of Music, which meant no evening date; our big anniversary celebration involved going out to lunch, and visiting tile warehouses to price supplies for our gutted bathroom. More and more, though, the importance of big anniversaries lies not in the events that celebrate them, but in the very fact of the anniversary itself. Twenty-one years is significant whether we go out for a big dinner, or simply fall wearily into bed and rest our foreheads together while saying, "I wouldn't do it with anyone but you." 


Bob the Ape said...

Happy anniversary!

mandamum said...

Many happy returns of the day - thank you for living out your sacrament of service so joyfully :-)