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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Dirt on my Floor

Since I posted about carpet yesterday:

1. The girls broke an egg on the kitchen floor (a farm-fresh egg at that) and tried to sweep it.

2. The girls, while washing their hands in the downstairs bathroom, decided to fill containers with water and ended up soaking several sections of the living room carpet.

3. The girls wanted a snack and so fetched themselves Cheerios, which they ate on the wet area of the carpet.

That wood floor is sounding real good to me about now. As does thirty days of solitary confinement with a good book and an unlimited supply of tea.


rhonda lugari said...

A farm fresh egg?! I'm so jealous.
How sad is asking for a carpet shampooer for Christmas? I got that desperate a few years ago.

I know you said you didn't like pergo, but we put it in our dining room, and I like it. True, I'm comparing it to what was there before. So, I guess it's a matter of what's worse.

I just love it when my kids decide to put lipstick all over their feet and walk around my new carpet. That was 2 days ago.

I'm feeling your pain.

mrsdarwin said...

Oh, man, lipstick on the carpet -- that happened last year in the girls' room. My favorite lipstick, and it was the third makeup incident in as many days. We had to call an emergency babysitter and go out to dinner that night, after I'd scrubbed the carpet with oxy-clean. I was mad....

I hate carpet.

Anonymous said...


I thought the Darwin girls took the cake when it came to wrecking the house, but lipstick on your kids' feet??!? I never could have dreampt that one up!

These stories always remind me to thank God for my children's lack of creativity when it comes to home wrecking. Bubba and my little Princess have only really been interested in tupperware. But who knows what the third "little Tex" will dream up, but that should be a while since s/he is due in late November.

Try laminated bamboo flooring. :-) Tough as nails.

rhonda lugari said...

Congratulations, Tex! November is a good month to be born. Maybe s/he might be early and arrive on November 6th (my birthday). :)