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Monday, March 27, 2006

Neighborhood watch

DarwinCatholic -- always looking out for our readers.

Here's a site that will map out all registered sex offenders near your home. A little house marks the location of your home on the map, and the little colored boxes pinpoint the addresses of the offenders. If you click on the boxes, you get a picture of the person, his address, and his crime.

I'm pleased and relieved to note that the Darwins seem to live in a fairly safe area -- reassuring as I'm about to head out for a walk with the girls.


Pro Ecclesia said...

The number of pervs living within a 1-mile radius of me (and the 2 elementary schools near me) is frightening.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I found a lot nearby, too; certainly unsettling.

However, it would help to know just what it takes to get on "the list."

Unknown said...

Mine is one of four states that do not provide this data....

Pro Ecclesia said...

... it would help to know just what it takes to get on "the list."

If you click on the dots on the map, it will bring up a picture of the perv with his/her address and a vague description of what they were convicted of.

Most of the ones around me appear to be rapists (but not of children), although there was one guy who was convicted of having child pornography, which is quite troubling.

Also, I would guess that a particular state's statute creating the registry would list the crimes for which one may be placed thereon.