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Friday, March 24, 2006

Since it's too early for you to be drunk for the weekend...

..You can be assured that this lamb really does have six legs.

The report said Maurice Peeters, a Belgian farmer, noticed there was something different about the lamb born on his ranch over the weekend."The vet immediately put his hand on it, and asked me if I'd seen it," Peeters told reporters who visited his home. "I said I'd seen it and I said I'd seen it has way too many legs."

The lamb is healthy, but cannot walk, according to the report.Peeters said he'll wait for the lamb to get stronger before he'll try to amputate two of the legs next week."The front two legs have to go, this one is a good one," Peeters said.
Pretty funky, huh? H/T Jimmy Akin.


Rick Lugari said...

Why amputate? Maybe we are observing evolution in action. ;)

The question is do we have a new breed of bovine or insect?


Darwin said...

Actually, Rick, I think we have an interesting mathematical situation here. The lamb has six legs. Six is an even number. However, six is an odd number of legs for a lamb to have.

Now the only number that is both odd and even is infinity. Thus, the lamb must actually have an infinite number of legs.

Rick Lugari said...