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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Formalisms, Biology, QM and more...

Michael over at Sacramentum Vitae had an interesting post up the other day with the evocative title At The Science Prom In Your Underwear, which was in turn a further discussion of a similarly titled post over at ZippyCatholic.

Zippy's essential contention is that evolutionary theory is not a formalism (such as the Coppenhagen school of QM) but rather a general interpretive framework of events. The comments section on Michael's post is worth reading, if only to see if I've completely got out of my depth in trying to discuss QM, define science, and so on.


John Farrell said...

Man--you and Zippy had to pick one of the busier times for me at work to bring up a cool subject!


Anonymous said...

Minor clarification: Evolutionary theory in general has no unifying formalism. Both the Copenhagen and Bohm theories of Quantum Mechanics, though distinct and incompatible theories, share the same formalism.

John Farrell said...

You know--I was just about to ask you that!