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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Out, damned spot

1. I was finally overcome by my disgust for the couch.
2. I was finally overcome by my disgust for the nasty carpet.
3. My two youngest siblings (13 and 15) are going to be staying with me for a week.

Add it all up, and you get a New Look in the living room.

No, the carpet isn't going, but it's being cleaned. Baby will be crawling soon, and I feel that I can't in good conscience place her on the living room floor in the condition it's in now. But since the cleaning is scheduled for next week, it seemed like this week would be a good time to try and paint the living room, especially since I have some built-in help and babysitting with my siblings coming out. Making younger siblings work when they visit is another way of saying "I love you."

And since I already threw out the old couch, it seemed as good a time as any to get a new one, especially with visitors coming. Thanks to the miracle of, I found a couch I liked in the afternoon and picked it up that evening. In 24 hours I've gone from this:

(bonus shot of our girls [first and third] early last year)

to this:

(That's not my living room, silly! But it is my couch now, and woe betide the first person who spills something on it.)

If everything goes as planned, I might post some pictures next week of the Extreme Living Room Makeover, Darwin edition.


Amber said...

Congratulations! :-)

I hope the painting and such does go well and you post some pictures next week.

Anonymous said...

Hope those siblings are a big help...I didn't know that N was coming too. Have they arrived? I was praying for their safety...
The couch looks great...I'm looking forward to those pictures of the redo.
God's blessings on all of you!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Darwin said...


I'd be perfectly happy to leave some of your vile comments in place, if you can stretch your imagination enough to create one that is less overtly sexual and crass in character. My objection is not to being insulted, about which I care little, but about the level of discourse you seem intent on using.

Or, to quote the old wise crack: Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and win by experience.

Though I hesitate to judge anyone's chances, it seems to me unwise to speculate that someone else is paving their own road to hell while at the same time using metaphors that clearly belong to that place and not another.

Julie D. said...

We can always count on your to raise the tone of whatever is going on! Wise advice.

Anonymous said...


I WANT to go to hell. I'd RATHER go to hell.

So using those metaphors isn't hypocritical for ME.

But it is hypocritical for you to join in Julie's gang bang and pretend you're all superior and holier than everyone else when the TRUTH is that what she did was as unChristian and as unCatholic as it gets, that she never once apologized or acknowledged her complicity in the sick little game her friend Tony Miller started up, and then she has the audacity to publicly call out someone else for not acting like a faithful Catholic and not apologizing.

She's supposedly into all these bogus prayer requests, but she's up there allowing all of you to comment and criticize and mock and have a laugh, so she's full of it.

If she was REALLY about what she says she's about, she wouldn't encourage you all to join in her petty little gang bang. But she's not. She's only all about her own ego all the time.

There's nothing remotely holy or good or Catholic about Julie Davis.

But y'all will go on believing her and calling me a troll and crazy and having your yukyuks over it because she's part of your clique.

Do you honestly think God doesn't know the truth here? Do you even believe in God? If you believe in God, why are you joining in her mean-spirited little snarkfest?

Anonymous said...

Oh, hi, Julie!!! *waves*

Did you report me to Comcast yet? Did you email all your friends and get them to report me to Comcast?

Ooooh. Aren't you tough.

Thing is, you're encouraging it and keeping it going, so Comcast isn't going to do anything about it.

You can't claim I'm abusing you while you have three threads where you're openly encouraging people to abuse me.

But, anyway, SO happy to provide you with the entertainment.

Gonna pray for me, Julie? Do you think God thinks fake prayer chain letters are funny? What do you think God thinks of people who use Him to hurt other people?

PB said...

I work for Comcast, can I help?

Anonymous said...

Misusing your position to insinuate yourself in a situation you're not involved in will get you fired so fast it'll make your head spin.

If you use your position to give out personal information about a Comcast customer, you'll not only be fired, you'll be sued.

No kidding.

I'm going to give your email address to Comcast and have them trace it and find out why one of their employees is offering to use his or her position to harrass a customer and to reveal personal information.

Darwin said...

You're jumping at shadows, Anon. PB didn't offer to give our your info, nor (I suspect) could a Comcast employee do much of anything other than perhaps tell Julie where to contact the account abuse group if she felt she was being harassed by you.

If your concern is actually that Julie has insulted Barbara Nicholosi's manners or film reviewing abilities, you might note that Julie linked to a very kind note that Barbara posted to the blog where the dust-up started.

If you're simply suffering from an excess of bile and nothing to do, I'd suggest politics as a good venue for truly continuous ranting.

Anonymous said...

There are two categories of people in this world, dude...the people who get it, and the people who don't...

Guess which category you fall into?

This has nothing to do with Barbara Nicolosi. It has to do with Julie Davis' monumental hypocrisy in calling Ms. Nicolosi out and questioning her faith and her ability to apoligize.

mrsdarwin said...


If you'd like to quote any passage in which you feel that I personally gave Ms. Nicolosi the smackdown, then we can have a rational discussion. Should you actually desire to carry on a polite conversation in regard to actual statements I've made, then I'd be happy to open up a thread above as a forum for that discussion. Otherwise, this is a thread devoted to my new couch, and I'd appreciate it if we stayed on topic.

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about the old green couch with a missing cushion? That couch had character. I mean, how many couches go on with a missing cushion? It was as if this old green couch was saying, "To hell with convention! I don't need three cusions, just two!" May it rest in pieces.

mrsdarwin said...

Ah, the old green couch -- now that was a couch that was customized for good times, since I didn't care what happened to it. A couch with a missing cushion screams, "Spill your beer on me! Eat salsa on me!" And yet, we had to let it go. It was ugly. The girls liked climbing on it, though.

Thanks for the memories, Tex!