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Friday, July 07, 2006

Islam and Evolution

Apparently poor old Darwin is quite the lightning rod in Islam as well.

Islam Online provides a fatwa on how Muslims should regard evolution.

A Muslim writer provides a different persective at the Guardian's online opinion outlet.


CMinor said...

Very interesting. Unfortunately I'm afraid the latter gentleman has an uphill battle--I was looking around at article headers and evolution seems to be a no-no according to traditionalist Islam. And, as I recently read (in relation to jihadist ideology, actually--this is a paraphrase; I'm currently unable to find the exact quote,)'When reality conflicts with the Qu'ran, reality must submit.'
It's gonna be a long one...

Darwin said...

'When reality conflicts with the Qu'ran, reality must submit.'

So much for Mohammad coming to the mountain...

Doesn't have quite the same intellectual flavor as Augustine's discussion of science and the bible, does it.