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Monday, July 10, 2006

Uncommon Dissent

I have been amused to discover that I have, so far as I can tell, been banned from commenting on William Dembski's intelligent design related blog Uncommon Descent. If nothing else, this should assure that I spend online goof-off time more profitably than endlessly arguing with the ID supporters there.

I can't say I'm particularly hurt, as one's blog is clearly one's own to do with as one wishes, but it does seem rather odd that a group whose mantra is "teach the controversy" has an official policy of designating commentors as "trusted" or "potential trouble" (which includes all those who don't fully accept ID theory), and holding the opposition comments for review before posting. They're also pretty clear that they ban people whom they are tired of hearing disagree with them -- indeed their editor was so kind as to tack threats of immanent ban onto most of my comments that did get through.

Nevertheless, it does give me a wonderfully dangerous feeling to have been designated as unsafe for the good believers over there. So if you see me swaggering around intoning "Arrrrr" and looking vaguelly piratical, you shall know why.


John Farrell said...

Wear it for a badge of honor!


DuWayne Brayton said...

I'm impressed you lasted, I was banned after my first comment, which though polite, never appeared.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should be surprised I lasted as long as I did -- which was about eight comments over a couple weeks.