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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Lost Weekend

It stretched out ahead of us. Now it's gone.

Originally my resolution going into the weekend was to do lots of work on the bookshelf, shich seems to be more needed with every week. (What, you mean we could stop buying books? We can stop any time. I'm sure of it. Besides, sometimes you don't exactly buy books, they just kind of show up and announce that they're at home.)

Instead we:
  • Read Frank Sheed's The Church and I, which provided lots of food for thought. I'll doubtless do a post or two on that in the coming days.

  • Switched gears and read Harry Potter (Fast reads like this are awkward for those like me who simply can't read faster than about 50 pages/hour. MrsDarwin finished the book in five hours reading time, I probably took about fifteen.)

  • Read aloud a collection of Irish myths to the girls, and started on a children's collection based on the Arabian Nights. They are now properly warned as to the dangers of being turned into swans, trusting strangers who want you to retrieve lamps, etc.

  • Continued to be impressed by our new associate pastor, who is making definate noises about offering a class in Gregorian Chant for the music groups.

So having finished both books and got a total of about eight hours sleep over the entire weekend, I think it's time to get back to normal now...

I suppose one of us will probably post a review later in the week. Right now, I'd just say that I think Rowling probably falls in the Heinlein camp of being a great storyteller, though not always a very good writer.

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