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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New to the Blogroll: Islam & Christianity

Newly added to the blogroll: Islam & Christianity, a blog by a Christian living in the Middle East and tackling topics such as Muslims converting to Christianity, as well as examining specific Hadiths.


Anonymous said...

Do you think it is a HUMOR blog? Or perhaps he must double-speak to get past muslim censors...

July 16 - islam is a religion of tolerance? Give me a break...

Poor Darwin. Promoting blogs like that could give a guy a bad rep.

Darwin said...

Read past the first post before you decide to sound off.

Then re-assess the purpose of the post your questioning, especially considering that it is a direct quote from the linked site.

Anonymous said...

ok, ok. you're right.

I guess his first post really threw me off... I still don't get it unless it's sarcasm.

Scrolling on down though, I spent the last twenty minutes reading. Interesting stuff, scary too about converts.

it is a direct quote from the linked site. OOPS. Now I get it.