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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yeah, we're still reading

Note to the US Postal Service: As you deliver mail to the postal boxes at the end of our street, please remember that the side of the box that you shove the mail into is wider than the doorways through which we, the recipients, take our mail. So, for example, if you're having difficulty wedging the box from Amazon containing the latest Harry Potter novel into my box, just imagine how much trouble I'll have getting it out! It was only with the greatest difficulty that I managed to extricate my book, after removing it from the packaging while it was still in the box. Unfortunately, it was still such a tight squeeze that the dust jacket of my brand new book looks like my five-year-old ran a knife down the outside of the back cover. Thanks.

After several hours of concentrated reading (made possible by my skills at blocking out ambient noise, honed by years of toddlers and younger siblings), I finished at 8:00 last night and passed it on to Darwin. He stayed up until almost 4 AM, and has spent all his free time today cloistered with the tome. So perhaps late tonight we'll be able to discuss it.

No spoilers here, but I will say that Rowling has definitely closed out the series. C'est fini, sports fans.


Anonymous said...

Harry Potter is the devil! < / sarcasm>

Foxfier said...

I was pleased.

What was your non-spoiler review?

mrsdarwin said...

Pretty good. A ripping yarn, that's for sure. I blasted through it, and there was hardly a good spot to put it down. I was interested in her portrayal of Dumbledore in this last book -- he was certainly a much more nuanced and human character than one might have expected from the saintly figure of Book 1.

I thought Rowling had it both ways at the end -- not necessarily a bad thing, considering the type of story she's telling.

Dunno as I can say much more without giving it away, as it were.

Hey, Big Tex: You're a punk! < / pbbt>

Kiwi Nomad said...

I haven't read any of the books.... but I found out from one of the other teachers today how it ended ;-) So I know too :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, Mrs. Darwin, Mamma Boucher says...

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

PLease, please, please give spoiler warnings! I haven't bought the book, and I am on the waiting list at the library.

Good news, though: the library is supposed to get somewhere around half a dozen copies, and I was number 8.

CMinor said...

I dunno; I fully expect the Chinese-published ripoffs to continue to be churned out for the next decade or so.

In the interest of not spoiling it for others, I'll refrain from further comment.