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Thursday, September 13, 2007

For your Thursday afternoon

Ella Fitzgerald, singing Stompin' at the Savoy:


TJR said...


Thank you for posting that Mrs Darwin. One of the great things about youtube is that all these great performances can be there for anyone to find at anytime and not just when some TV station decides that, now we are going to let you see a little glimpse of how great this artist or that artist was.

mrsdarwin said...


Agreed on the awesomeness of youtube. I also find myself going there whenever I want to hear a song in its entirety, because iTunes only gives you a snippet. And I get the added plus of seeing great performers like Ella Fitzgerald (one of my all-time favorites) perform.

Maureen Wittmann said...

I saw Ella Fitzgerald in concert many, many years ago with Count Basie. I was, all of 19 or 20, immersed in the punk rock movement of the day and I was at an Ella Fitzgerald concert! It was at the Fox Theater in St. Louis - a fabulously opulent, restored 1927 theater. It was an absolute treat I'll never forget!