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Monday, April 07, 2008

Visit Blackadder's Lair

For some time now, Blackadder has been an interested and level-headed poster at Vox Nova. Now he's got his own blog, the Blackadder's Lair, where he will be cross-posting all his writings. For those who have considered swearing off Vox Nova entirely, whether because reading 50+ comment comment threads is eating into your workday or for other reasons, I'd strongly recommend bookmarking it. (Seeing as I'm headed into a strong of heavy work commitment and home floor replacement, I've switched the blogroll over to his new digs.)

If you aren't familiar with Blackadder's writing, take a look at his post today about World War II as "the good war".

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Rick Lugari said...

Ahh, what delightful news. And yes, his post today about "The Good War" was excellent as was the one about Madison and Tocqueville. I'll be sure to subscribe to the feed.