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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Watching the Pope

Sitting here behind the no-video-streaming corporate firewall (and having no TV in the house these days) the internet is pretty much my only window on Benedict XVI's visit to the US.

Chris Blosser is doing an amazing job of providing the comprehensive collection of links and blog coverage at Benedict in America. This is the kind of blogging that makes the mainstream media look unprofessional.

Rich Leonardi, David Alexander and Fr. Martin Fox are among Catholic blogging regulars who will be attending one or more of the papal events. Fr. Martin Fox, lucky man he, will be concellebrating with the Holy Father at the DC mass.

The site is run by the USCCB and provides live coverage -- which apparently our IT department doesn't recognize as streaming. (Which is how I know that Bush just quoted St. Augustine as saying "Pax te cum." Someone needs to tell his speechwriters that that Latin phrase did not originate with Augustine. Still, who would have imagined 100 or even 50 years ago we'd see an American president trying so hard to welcome our Pope with Catholic language.)

The New York Times papal blog is also surprisingly good, including coverage by Catholic pro-blogger Amy Welborn.

UPDATE: The Cranky Conservative was at the White House event this morning and will be posting pictures on his blog later today.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from the White House event. I couldn't believe I was standing on the same grounds as the Holy Father. When I get home tonight I'll post some pics on my blog. I'll also be at the Mass tomorrow.

Truly a great experience.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree about the NYT blog - won't allow any comments that mention the lavender elephant in the room.