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Monday, January 04, 2010

Continuing Education

I gather I'm late to the game here, as it was rated on CNN's top 50 sites of 2009, but this is a really cool site. I'd run into Yale's free online video courses a couple years ago. These are not simplified public outreach courses designed for non-students, they are complete college courses by highly rated lecturers which are filmed while being taught and then made available as a whole on the web.

AcademicEarth aggregates those Yale courses along with more video courses from other top level universities. There are currently about 130 courses available.


Teresa said...

I found you through Cliff. Thanks for posting this information. I am currently enrolled in college now but I also want to take a look into the online courses.

Christopher Blosser said...

Another tip: If you have ITunes, look at 'I Tunes U' on your application.

E. said...

If you are interested, MIT has a much more extensive, established collection (and were the first ones who started the whole free-online classes thing) over at their OpenCourseWare site: