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Friday, October 26, 2012

Just stop

I yell "stop" all the time around here, but my children never feel impelled to collaborate and listen. Thanks for nothing, Vanilla Ice.

Also, no more, no more of this:

When Mrs. Obama gives advice to her daughters before their wedding nights, will she tell them to close their eyes and think of voting for their father?

Aw, let's compare voting to losing your virginity, because that'll appeal to the apathetic college crowd. Let's make fun of those who don't feel ready, because that's just creepy. Let's pressure people to tell us about their vote, because keeping it private is a sign of hidden perversion, like virginity.

I like her insistence on doing it for the first time with a guy who cares about whether you have birth control, because no fool waits to have sex until she's married! No one wants kids!

But most importantly: will he still respect them the morning of Nov. 7?


JMB said...

Please forgive my ignorance, but who is she? Is this an ad on TV? NJ is so in the blue if you were an alien, you would have no idea that there was a presidential election going on here. Few signs, no ads, no commercials. Nadda nothing.

Darwin said...

It's Lena Dunham, who is the writer and star of the HBO series Girls -- which I haven't seen but I gather focuses on the main characters' sex lives a fair amount.

The ad was put out by Obama's re-election committee, but I'm unclear whether it's actually running on TV (especially given it's 60 second length) or whether it's just a YouTube thing intended to get press (which it certainly has.

Roma locuta est said...

It seems to me that this line of thought is precisely that which leads to an unintended presidency.

amy said...

And with term limits, this 'relationship' is not expected to be 'monogamous' for life...

cminor said...

"Unintended presidency"