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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sticking By The Electoral College Regardless

As we move into the final stretch of the election, with the national polls virtually tied, the small but real possibility looms that we could once again see one candidate win the electoral vote and the other win the popular vote. Were this to happen, it would probably be Obama winning the electoral vote (through holding on to Ohio which is virtually essential to realistic Romney victory scenarios) while Romney won the popular vote.

If this happened, we could certainly count on hearing some conservatives make arguments against the electoral college. Before the heat of the moment, let me just go on the record now and say that's a bad idea. For all its quirks, I'm a supporter of the electoral college system, and conservatives have long defended it with good reason. Ditching that history in the heat of a close election would be a rather base road to travel.


Paul Zummo said...

Though I think such an outcome is unlikely, I agree - don't ditch the Electoral College, no matter the outcome of this election.

cminor said...

Wonder how an electoral victory/popular minority for Obama would hit the pure democracy movement? Would they see the value of the Electoral College in a new light, or cite the election as further evidence of the need to get rid of it? Hmmm...