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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Celebrity Doppelgangers and their Movie Faces

Darwin and I have unfamous faces. We've existed in relative anonymity, never able to answer party questions about which actor or actress you'd cast to play you in the movie, because no one in Hollywood looks like us at all. That was rather comfortable, really. We may be unremarkable, but at least we're uniquely unremarkable, except for looking rather like our families, none of whom are in Hollywood making movies about our lives.

And then Otepoti, our Kiwi friend, posted a video to me and remarked that she thought Darwin looked like Jermaine Clement, half of the New Zealand duo Flight of the Conchords, and I was struck to find that I didn't immediately disagree.

Sure, there are differences, but at a glance it's not a bad likeness. I almost feel like I should get a Jermaine Clement poster for the inside of my closet door.

Still, it's a bit chilling to realize that, for all we're so close, we don't share our unfaceness anymore. And now I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder, wondering if my face is walking around out there on someone else (besides my daughters, I mean). Who has it? What is she doing with it? (I'm assuming it's a woman here.) And now when they make the Darwin biopic, will they have to cut me out of it because I don't have the look of anyone who's ever made her mark in public? Or am I to be cast as blonde and willowy and straight-haired because that's the prevailing paradigm? Quelle horreur!

Or maybe the director will just follow Darwin's doppelganger and go with Jermaine Clement's wife:

Yeah, not really seeing a resemblance here, because she has a movie face.


cminor said...

Hilarious! (But Flight of the Conchords may be ruined for me.)

mandamum said...

Maybe you aren't seeing it because it's *your* face you are talking about?