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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Science Report

Isaac Newton

by Julia, age 11

Isaac Newton was born on christmas day but their calenders were diffrent so he was born on January 4 1642. Isaac was born early and they didnt think week tiny Isacc would survive. When he was ten he moved to a diffrent school since it was seven miles away Isaac stayed with a family called the Clarke's. Mr Clarke was a apothecary Isaac learned basic cemistry from Mr Clarke.

Isaac's mother wanted Isaac to be a farmer but Isaac's uncle and school teacher pleated with his mother to let him go to a univeristy and she finnaly agread. He mannley studied Greek and latin espesily Aristotle. In the year 1665 Isaac passed his exam for a bachelor degree. Pretty much as soon as he passed the exam he had to leave because of the plauge. Isaac went to stay at his mothers house.

Isaac saw a Apple fall and he wonderd what made the apple fall and that is Gravity. Isaac Newton also made the telascope. He and another man made the compass (calculus) without knowing the other Leibniz had a fight and Isaac won but we use Leibniz's compass insted. Isaac Newton was one of the men of all time.

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