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Thursday, January 08, 2015

More Story Time

The Murder That Never Lasted

narrated by Jack, age 6

There was a mom and a girl walking home from church. Suddenly a man shot the mother and stole her necklace and earrings. The little girl remembered the phone number of the police, and she took the phone from her mom's pocket and called the police. She told them that they were right in front of St. Charles Church. The police came right away with an ambulance and a police car.

The murderer, when he saw the police, slipped right away, climbing up a tree. A policeman saw him. The murderer jumped down and ran to his car. The policeman who saw him told the others that the man was escaping, so they went after him, but they lost him. But luckily they put a medal that tracked down the car on his car, and they were right next to him when the policeman shot out his tires. The murderer jumped out of his car and stole a police motorcycle. But luckily it didn't start because the police had the keys. But the murderer stole the keys of another one. He started the motorcycle, but when he saw the time bomb the police put on it, he ran from the motorcycle. Suddenly it blew up. When he was knocked out from a car hitting him, the police dragged him to jail.

Meanwhile the ambulance was taking the mother to the hospital. When the doctors found the bullet during the operation, they called the police. The police came right away. The little girl asked a policeman if her mother would be okay. The policeman said, "No. She will not. We will have to bury her."

When it was time for the mom to be buried, the little girl saw them putting her mom in the coffin. Suddenly she told the policeman, "No, wait! My mom is alive! Put her on the ground. I'll say something to her."

So the little girl said, "Mom, are you alive?" The mom said, "Yes! When the bullet was coming at me I said a prayer, and I got dizzy and fell down, but I didn't die."

The police said, "But we already found the bad guy. It's okay." Suddenly the mom fell back down on the ground and told the policeman to call the ambulance, and she told her daughter that she was going to have a baby.

So she had a baby and she called him Frederick, and for the rest of their lives, things went right. But when Frederick was five, someone was about to kidnap his sister when Frederick punched him in the stomach and called the police. The police came and dragged the kidnapper to jail. But the kidnapper escaped and bumped into a wall and they lived happily ever after.

The End

This story was written by Jack Hodge.


Anonymous said...

Jack Hodge, crime novelist- has a great ring to it.

Love the science reports. Would love to do my fun biology course with them when the time comes

I really didn't have an appreciation for Jane Eyre till I had to read it again in 9th grade for English

Lauren said...

I see you have a future fan of the Taken movies on your hands.