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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Combative Catholic Historian Needed

The Wikipedia strikes me as a really interesting endeavor, in that it is a completely user-owned resource, which nonetheless manages to be seriously useful most of the time. However, as with any user-run information resource, it is subject to poor guidance and abuse when the people who congregate around a specific topic aren't knowledgeable about the full breadth of the topic, or have an ax to grind.

Such seems to be the trouble with the Wikipedia entry on Pope Pius XII, which draws far too heavily of resources like Hitler's Pope.

However, there is a very straightforward way to fix this. Somewhere out there among Catholic blog authors and readers, there must be someone rigorous and levelheaded who's up on the latest work on Pius XII by Rabbi David Dalin, Pierre Blet, Patrick Gallo, and Harold Tittman.

If you are such a person, or know one, have at it. We could use a better article out there by someone who's even more ready to sling historical citations that the currently dominant contributors.

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Kevin J. Jones said...

Michael Tinkler, aka The Cranky Professor, was a Wikipedia contributor for a few years. He tired of people who were repeating bad 19th century historiography. The trouble is, all your work can get thrown out by a teenager who's read a single essay and thinks you're a biased SOB.