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Friday, May 05, 2006

A small world after all

Amy Welborn posts a report (via Mark Shea) of the recent health crises afflicting Ave Maria Radio staffers:
As of late Tuesday afternoon, Nick Thomm of Ave Maria Radio has been moved to a regular semi-private room following a stay in the ICU while initially recovering from brain surgery. His color is coming back and he is already eating and feeling better. He has a bit of tingling in his arm but no paralysis or other adverse effects. They may have him up and walking around later this evening. Later in the week, he's looking forward to visitors.

One change from the previous update is that a MRI from Tuesday morning indicates that at least 30-50% of the tumor was removed. Please continue your prayers for Nick and Jen and leave a message for the Thomms here. You can find the Litany for the Sick in the first two comments.
Darwin and I were at Steubenville with Nick and Jen, and Jen was in our Honors class (she and I were both sporting nifty engagement rings at the same time). Please remember them, and all of the Ave Maria Radio crew, in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Well aware that I'm no one to you (just some Catholic suspended in Ypsilanti, MI)...I would absolutely love to read a post(s) in which you and Darwin evaluated your experience of FSU. Thanks for your consideration....God bless you both...and the monkeys.

mrsdarwin said...

Absolutely -- as soon as the monkeys settle down for a bit!

Thanks for reading -- I'm always glad to see comments from new people. Lets us know we're not just talking into the void (though we'd still talk even if it were the void...).