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Friday, December 22, 2006

Road Trippin'

For all three people wondering where we've been for the past few days, the answer is: in the middle of nowhere.

We squeezed everyone and everything into the van for the long haul from Austin to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with Darwin's family. For the past two days we've been surveying the grandeur of the great southwestern desert, romping at rest stops with signs that warned us to avoid poisonous insects and snakes, and watching tumbleweed blow across the road (literally). I've been busy formulating Mrs. Darwin's first law of travel: if the baby sleeps or sits quietly in the car all day, she will scream all night in the hotel.

Other than nocturnal screaming, the drive went very smoothly indeed. We have arrived safely in L.A. and the girls are having a delightful time playing with Grandma and her toys, which include a large box of plastic dinosaurs. The young paleontologists are in seventh heaven.


CincyDarwin said...

Here's wishing a most blessed and joy-filled Christmas to the Darwin family in the City of Angels. Christmas regards to Darwin's mother and family.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that you arrived safely....and you're right about that law of travelling with a baby. It's happened to us also!
Hope you have a blessed, joyful Christmas!