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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stitching to the finish?

I am all about the conceptual process of creating. Selecting colors for painting, planning out a project, coming up with the "big idea" -- I love that stuff. I even like the hands-on work that goes into finishing some great artistic work. As long as it doesn't take too long.

The girls were rooting around in the front closet and found the bag containing the quilt I started months ago for Eleanor. I stalled out in the quilting process and packed the thing away "until the weather gets cooler". Note the hallmark of a great excuse: it's got enough of the truth in it to sound plausible. Summer weather in Texas isn't conducive to sitting under several layers of fabric and batting. The heat wasn't really the issue, however. I just got bored with the repetitive quilting process and packed it away.

Heat means nothing to the girls, and they're begging me to finish the quilt. I have a feeling that their enthusiasm will stall out when they realize that they won't actually be doing the sewing, but the goad of their nagging has prodded my conscience. No doubt I'll flame out at least one more time before the thing is finished, but hey, all human loves are cyclical.

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