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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The mote in her eye

The girls were tussling in the back yard on Saturday and Julia came inside fussing that Eleanor had poked her in eye. Sure enough, there was some odd speck next to her iris. We guessed that the eye had bled and had scabbed up, though it seemed rather quick for that, and Julia wasn't screaming the way you'd expect from a four-year-old who'd been jabbed in eye.

The scab didn't wear off and the eye was getting more bloodshot, so yesterday at her checkup I had the doctor look at it. He thought it was a foreign body , though he couldn't dislodge it with a quick swipe with a swab. (And apparently eyes don't really scab up, though as I've never encountered an eye injury I was unaware of this.) Julia shows no discomfort at all, but the doctor was concerned about this thing being in her eye for so long. We were sent off to the referrals desk with instructions to have the receptionist get us an appointment with an opthamalolgist either immediately or the next day.

So this afternoon Julia's going to the ophthalmologist. And suddenly it occurs to me that I might want to look for some babysitting for the other girls. Normally we all go along to appointments, but a visit that contains the potential for watching your sister be strapped down screaming while the doctor excavates in her eye is probably not one for the whole family. This is where it would be convenient to live near family. Asking for last-minute babysitting is never a popular proposition.

If you would, say a prayer for Julia's eye, that whatever is stuck there would come out with a minimum of effort.

UPDATE: Thanks for your prayers and concern -- the ophthalmologist had a very good bedside manner and was able to remove the speck in fairly short order. Julia didn't love the eye drops and the swab and required a bit of restraint, but I thought that she took it about as well as a four-year-old could.


Entropy said...

Prayers on their way!

CMinor said...

Ouch. Offered one up!

Anonymous said...

Prayers! Hope it goes well..

Rick Lugari said...

Poor baby. St. Deochar pray for her.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! The poor pook! As one concerned aunt who has had many eye mishaps, I will be praying fervently!

Kiwi Nomad said...

The ophthalmologist possibly relished the chance to see a young patient. I had to go a few years back for "iritis" and got called a "young woman" which was great for my ego. But basically the rest of the waiting room seemed very elderly!

The Opinionated Homeschooler said...


Hey, next time y'all need last-minute emergency babysitting, give us a call. (You can look up Mr. Opinionated Homschooler's office number easily on the net if you lose our home number.) You're not such a long drive away. We'd be happy to zip up there; and if you have to do something in the Big City, you can always dump kids on our doorstep.

mrsdarwin said...

Aw, thanks, OH. Appreciate the offer. I have a emergency babysitting calculus according to I organize my prospects according to number of kids and closeness to where I need to be. :) Fortunately the first friend I called helped me out, and as her daughter is Eleanor's best friend that worked out for all concerned.

However, you're on the way to my midwife's office... (No, nobody get your hopes up -- no excitement here.)