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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thou Trollop!

While I'm sticking my neck out making observations about the modern phase of the "war between the sexes": I've been darkly amused to note of late in some interdepartmental struggles at work that despite all other changes in social expectation, disparagement of a woman's virtue remains a standard means of attempting to neutralize social rivals.

More specifically, many female co-workers seem to consider it a particularly effective attack to suggest that another female co-worker only gets ahead because she flirts (or, it is darkly implied, does more than flirt) with male managers. Once this weapon is used a few times against a given woman, those circling in for the kill settle down to, "Did you see that v-neck she was wearing today? I mean, that's a veeeeeeeee neck."

While I understand that using sex appeal for gain is socially understood as being far worse than giving it away for free (especially by those who lack it), I get an odd sort of culture shock hearing the same kind of derision vented against immodesty that I used to hear from very buttoned-up Catholic homeschoolers in high school being voiced by women who I know cohabit with their boyfriends or remain open and active on "the scene".

Despite all the fears and boasts that society has lost all sense of propriety, Mrs. Grundy remains active even in modern society.


Rick Lugari said...

Once this weapon is used a few times against a given woman, those circling in for the kill settle down to, "Did you see that v-neck she was wearing today? I mean, that's a veeeeeeeee neck."

It sure could be what you describe, however complaints like that could emanate from something a little more base. I'm going to make an assumption here. I suspect the "offender" is somewhat buxom and at least marginally attractive. I know this may seem hard to believe to some but chicks are every bit as likely to notice a well endowed bust as guys. The difference is chicks have a love/hate relationship with them - at once admiring and resenting. It's really all rather base, dontcha see. If they aren't themselves built comparatively, they can be somewhat envious, if they are built similarly, they don't like the idea of competition. See, what is a "darling little sweater" on one gal is a "veeeeeeeee neck" on another. The only discernible difference is what appears to be a supple round buttocks framed by the latter.

Now guys on the other hand just love them - all of them - we appreciate all things feminine as long as the "feminine" is related directly to women.

Some would argue that as a good Catholic man, one who loves all of God's creatures and was Confirmed as a Soldier of Christ you are duty bound to admonish and counsel these young ladies about the vices they are becoming caught up in. The argument goes, that with a little charity, you can explain that God created all bosoms (even those that have been tampered with by man) and that they should join you in rejoicing at God's creation. That they should be grateful for what God gave, and that true Christian love dictates that they be happy for what God gave others. Of course, the other side of the argument is that a wife who hasn't learned true Christian love like us will just say, "shut the hell up and I better not catch you looking at her veeeeeeee neck!"

Anonymous said...

As an extensive consumer of soft porn and girlie mags (hope you are not offended but it is what it is and I'm just being honest), I find it hilarious that so many late teen/early twenties semi-starlets will adorn their websites with pictures of themselves in extremely provocative positions wearing only the barest rudiments of clothing, or perhaps even a well-placed arm, yet they state that they are "serious models" and refuse to pose nude on principal. I can only conclude that Mrs. Grundy will never die.

-Peter G

Anonymous said...

Or "principle" either, oops.

-Peter G

mrsdarwin said...

"On principal" might be a different kind of magazine...