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Monday, December 22, 2008

Calling the New Yorker Cartoonists

The Wall Street Journal features an article on a winning new ad from Pedigree dog food: The cutest puppy in the world is pictured along with a plea to president elect Obama to fulfill his campaign promise to his children by adopting a dog from a shelter (rather than picking up one of those over-bred creatures bred for the dog market.)

Doubtless the younger generation of Obamas is campaigning hard to make sure that this is one campaign promise not put off until the economy recovers.

I don't think much of our president elect, but I must give him credit for picking a condition for dog ownership which ensures that he will not have to be the one dealing with house training and the pooper-scooper. (Surely even in a modern progressive family such as his, the universal rule that the man of the house deals with all non-human excrement producers holds. You don't exactly picture convincing Michelle to scoop the cat box, do you?)

Which leads, of course, to the obvious New Yorker cartoon. Disapproving looking mother in business attire stands with hands on hips glowering at her two well-coiffed children, between whom cowers a puppy. "Please, mommy!" begs one of the tykes. "I promise my staff will take care of him."

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