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Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking my temperature

Baby is three months old, so it's time to break out the charts and thermometer again. Which means I had to go out and buy a thermometer since the girls lost mine during the 24-hour fever which swept the children's ward here a few weeks ago. Whaddaya know, Wal-Mart actually carries a "family planning" thermometer, and I guess it's okay. But after having gone through three thermometers (all of which are somewhere in this house -- whoever lives here after us is going to be mystified by finding thermometers under baseboards or tucked under the carpet), I have to say that the best basal thermometer is the B-D brand which you get in the Art of Natural Family Planning kit (also available separately).

Here's what I like:
  • it lights up when you turn it on.
  • it stores the last temperature.
  • it beeps while you're taking the temperature. (I can't stress this one enough, having had several thermometers that don't. When you're taking your temperature when you're only half-awake, any little thing to let you know the process is working is a help.)
  • when you turn it off it lights up again, allowing you to read the temperature quickly without turning on the light. (And sometimes, knowing your temperature first thing allows you to plan out the rest of your day. Just sayin'...)
I've gone ahead and re-ordered the B-D thermometer. As for the Wal-Mart one? Well, next time the fever goes around, it won't be my nice thermometer that gets lost.


Rick Lugari said...

Yeah, the B-D is perfect for NFP purposes - it's handy that keeps the last recorded temperature in memory.

Just make sure you get the oral version. You do know the difference between and oral and rectal thermometer, right?

Get ready to groan...

The taste.

Amber said...

Wow that was a bad joke. :-)

I agree, the B-D one is great, I'm thankful that I've managed to hold onto mine despite all the moves and such.

Wow though, temping at 3 months. I guess that's a plus for people with somewhat low fertility... I have at least another 6 months before having to worry much about it. Then there's the fact that I live at my in-laws... lol

mrsdarwin said...

Rick, I'm so grateful your spirit of charity that allows you to take the low road so I can always look classy. ;)


Unfortunately, signs point to yes around here. I found out the hard way that my fertility comes back early, and the onset is NOT something I want to miss, not right now. "Oh," I said to someone, "There's no way I'd get pregnant at seven months postpartum. Why, I'm breast-feeding!" Sure was a shocker the next month... Oddly enough, I seem to have have an earlier onset of fertility after each baby -- I would have thought it would be the other way around.

Though you know, I'd rather just get into a regular cycle and have some idea of what to expect than to go through months of ambiguity.

nicole said...

I love the B-D thermometer too. I've just started charting again myself. It is hard to get back into that routine for some reason. And I need to buy charts. I'm considering ordering the new software from CCLI.

Barb said...

I'm laughing about your comment above about getting pregnant when you were nursing. My sister was nursing twins and thought there was no way she would get pregnant. She was really surprised to have pregnancy symptoms when they were only six months old...
Reading about your thermometers makes me realize I should buy a new one...we're still using an old-fashioned kind that I bought 30 years again.

Rick Lugari said...

That's what I'm here for ma'am; to make everyone else look better.

Anonymous said...

Re ecological breastfeeding - As soon as the baby sleeps all night (meaning at least six hours between nursing sessions), fertility can return at any time, even before six months.

My babies never do this and I sometimes feel a little envious when I hear of babies sleeping long stretches so early. But then I have a really long stretch of not having to track fertility (over a year) so I'm thankful for that :-)


Anonymous said...

I think we're just returning to fertility at 20 months.

Who knows? This chart is pure chaos.

Wish we could have a baby, but don't have any insurance.

Amber said...

I sometimes wonder if at this point I'm a little too smug about the whole thing - just because it has taken years before doesn't necessarily guarantee it'll take years each time! But if it happens, it happens. I'm already thinking wistfully about #4 anyways. *grin*

Melanie Bettinelli said...

I agree. The BD thermometer is clearly superior. Mine broke mysteriously and I replaced it with a store brand that just wasn't as good. I especially missed the beeping while it was taking my temp. I kept falling asleep and boy is that uncomfortable.