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Friday, October 30, 2009


Here, by popular demand, is a photo of Anonymous, chroniclers of the kings of Hungary. Sorry about the quality of the picture -- I stood on a kitchen chair and took a shot of it in its frame. But you can still see that the tip of his pen has been rubbed golden from all the visitors who touch it to bring themselves a bit of Anonymous's vast literary success.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

You know I think I remember seeing this statue but I don't remember seeing the inscription that told you it was "Anonymous". It was just a mysterious figure to me. Was I a lazy tourist or just unable to read the Hungarian? I was only there a day and didn't have a guidebook.
In any case it's nice to finally know who it is. Wish I'd appreciated it more then.

mrsdarwin said...

Melanie, the inscription on the base of the statue (which is clear in the original photo but almost illegible in this reproduction) reads:

Gloriosissimi Belae Regis Notarius

But if the snow had been any higher when you were there, you wouldn't have seen the inscription!