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Monday, October 19, 2009

Listen up, hep cats

Heard this on the radio and was transfixed: Take Five played by a string quartet.

For comparison, here's Dave Brubeck playing his original version. Four guys in suits and skinny ties, as cool as all get out.


christopher said...

Pretty nice, what channel was this on? KUT?

Roberto said...

I'm wondering if you knew that Brubeck was an adult convert to Catholicism? The story is available here: Brubeck and Catholicism

mrsdarwin said...


KMFA, actually, and I was kind of surprised to hear it since that's not their usually style of mid-day classical programming. But I like it. The announcer sent me on a wild goose chase by calling the group "Le Quartet San Francisco", which had me frustrated as I wondered why I could find no mention on iTunes or Amazon of "Le Quartet".

(BTW, the invitation to our schola mass definitely stands, though I had the date wrong. It's Nov. 8 at 11:30.)

mrsdarwin said...


I had indeed heard that story, and I've even listened to a clip or two of the mass he wrote. Very fascinating stuff.

Slightly off-topic, but: thanks for all the great Bollywood recommendations. We've been watching trailers on youtube (though they don't always make a lot of sense!) and adding titles to our Netflix queue. We hope to watch some of the dance extravaganzas with our girls -- are most of them appropriate for children?

Big Tex said...

I'm a jazz nut. That is one thing I will certainly miss when I leave Seattle: KPLU, a jazz radio station.

So, being a jazz nut, I prefer Brubeck's version to the string quartet. The quartet did an admirable job. I've heard other renditions that I enjoy, but Brubeck is the standard, and rightly so.

But even better than Take Five, is Kind of Blue from Miles Davis. It is the essence of jazz, IMHO. :-)

christopher said...

Thanks for the invitation Mrs Darwin, but I work weekends and the only time I can get to a Sunday Mass is very early or late afternoon. Even then, I'm massively sleep-deprived. I wish I could go, I was just looking through my photos of Saint Elizabeth and noticed that it was one of the churches with the doors barred when we visited! All I got was pics of the chapel.