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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bloody Mayhem

If I'd ever had the slightest inclination to read any of the Twilight series, Julie D. has effectively cured me. However, I do read movie reviews, and here's a snippet from Thomas Hibbs' take on New Moon:
In New Moon, Edward decides to end the relationship permanently after a paper cut on Bella’s finger during her birthday party at the Cullen home has nearly tragic consequences. Unable to rid the world of the threat of paper, the Cullen family leaves town.
What, exactly, do the Cullens do when Bella is on her period?


Darwin said...

I suppose the question is whether it's only the sight of blood that sets them off, or if they smell it like sharks.

Kelly said...

That very good question never arises in the series.

Enbrethiliel said...


If I remember correctly, she--and other humans--smell good to them all the time, anyway. They're above bloodlust, though, because they're "vegetarians."

Enbrethiliel said...


That isolated paper cut incident was such a big deal because:

a) the vampire who went mad at the sight of Bella's blood was the
"newest vegetarian"


b) Edward blows absolutely everything out of proportion, like the Emo tool he is.


Julie D. said...

Which is why, without even knowing more than this (ok, and the whole "sparkly skin" thing ... which I believe I must repost today) I would choose Jacob and the werewolves. Besides which I am reliably told that Jacob is much cuter and less emo. 'Nuff said.

Pentimento said...

Ah ha ha! I admit to reading every word of every book in the series, and staying up nights to do it like a dorky preteen addict, and never once thinking about matters as un-prettified as menstrual periods. And I second Enbrethiliel's Edward epithet: yeah, he is an emo tool. Jacob was much more appealing.

Enbrethiliel said...


Team Jacob??? =D

lissla lissar said...

We watched the youtube video of Buffy vs Edward yesterday. For the second, or possibly third time.

I only like Twilight when it has Buffy in it staking Edward.

CMinor said...

Alsx kinda reminds me of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" without the wisecracking robots. Actually, some wisecracking robots would have been nice accessories when I saw the first movie--I'm not planning to see the second as I've heard that Buffy does not stake Edward in it.

BTW, I've been a bit out of the loop lately. Belated congratulations on your new little Darwinlet!

Anthony said...

"What, exactly, do the Cullens do when Bella is on her period?"

Keep her pants on.

mrsdarwin said...

Well, I thought that was the point of the books, that she kept her pants on all the time, thence ratcheting up the sexual tension.

Pentimento said...

Yes, that is the point. And it's Edward who refuses to violate her before marriage. Much has been made of the fact that the author is Mormon and that Edward (though he is, as Enbrethiliel noted, an emo tool) is upholding traditional sexual morality.