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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tea for two, no more

The relative silence here on my part is the result of constant low-level queasiness that makes it hard to focus on much besides clicking around or wishing there was some food in the house that I felt like eating. Many household activities such as homeschooling and laundry have ground to a halt while I work diligently at vital occupations like growing a baby, suppressing my gag reflex, and trying to stay awake. As sorry as I am to see the laundry taking over the upstairs, I mourn even more for the loss of a necessary stimulant: tea.

I loved tea, and I still love it, in concept. But now tea, in all its acidic glory, revolts me -- maybe because a few weeks ago I threw up a cup of tea I'd had on an empty stomach. Yes, such things color one's impressions. Even now, as I write this, I'm clenching my lips against queasiness.

This lip-clenching is a constant around here, and it affects my ability to speak. Darwin is used now to our conversations suddenly devolving into hums on my part. For example, a sample conversation might go like this:

Me: Well, we did some reading, and then I made the girls lunch mmm mmm.

Darwin: I hope you don't mind, but I bought lunch today with the team. Anyway, there was nothing in the fridge.

Me: Mmm.

Darwin: Oh, by the way, my manager says this new role might fit me to a T...

Me: NGM nnn mmm.

So, no more tea for the time being. I'm searching for a substitute warm drink. I love cocoa, but even though I don't put much sugar in it I'm reluctant to drink anything sweet because I've also given up exercise-like activities such as moving. (Also, if the children catch me drinking cocoa they insist on having some as well, and nothing stains clothes like spilled cocoa.) Hot water with lemon and honey sounds good, as does warm cider, but there are no lemons or cider in the house because no one has been to the store with a comprehensive list in weeks. I've always found chai vaguely disgusting, and coffee gives me the jitters. I have several boxes of tea in the pantry, but I can't even look at them right now. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Ah, but as I always say: mmmm mmm mm.


Mrs. Cranky said...

When I was pregnant I really liked the Yogi Stomach Ease tea. That and saltines kept my stomach at bay for most of the day. (I was a 2am up-chucker.)

I know they have it at the hippie grocery stores.

rose said...

Ginger tea? Of course one would need ginger...

mrsdarwin said...


Perhaps, except that I'm not a big fan of ginger except in baked goods or in ginger ale. Now ginger ale is something I could really go for.

Mrs. Cranky, I had some pregnancy tea -- not that brand, but another -- and it had the worst aftertaste. Eventually I just threw the box out (it was from last pregnancy and it was taking up room in my pantry). It wasn't specifically stomach tea, though, so maybe that makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for you. How did you ever manage through the OLG pageant? And I suppose you have a Xmas program coming up? Will you be posting pics soon? God bless!

lissla lissar said...

Huh. I would deliberately drink tea with sugar so it wouldn't be a terrible experience throwing it back up. I have a comprehensive list of things I don't mind puking up very much. It's useful for my first two trimesters.

Could you make a grocery list in small stages? Do you have a sympathetic person who could do the shopping and putting away?

Danimal said...

Hrmmm, how 'bout Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime tea? The peppermint and chamomile may calm your riotous belly. Even if it fails to do so, surely the peaceful bear on the label will be soothing?

ekbell said...

I have some pepperment tea for when I have an iffy stomach.

One of my standby hot drinks is adding a bit of fruit syrup (Ribena or Nutrafruit) or lemon juice with a bit of sugar to a cup of hot water, just how much depends on how I'm feeling at the time.

CMinor said...

My grandma used to swear by chamomile for tummy upset.

bearing said...

If I were you I'd just figure out what liquid stays down, warm or cold, and drink that. Go ahead and have sugar if it helps -- straight sugar syrup suppresses nausea and used to be sold as an anti-nausea medication, believe it or not. You might also consider ice cream or milkshakes.

I drank a lot of gatorade in my first trimester.

Anonymous said...

You could try making Tang with hot water, it's not as acidic as orange juice, and it's better hot than cold.

Putting milk in the tea might help, but not now that you have the aversion.

Ice cream was good for my nausea. I lived on Amy's in my first trimester.

You don't like ginger, but the only other thing that helped me were ginger Altoids. They're nicer than ginger tea, I think.

Jenny said...

My complete sympathy. I am eleven weeks along and have left many, many unfinished sentences hanging in the air trying to suppress the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

chicken broth? That might mean a trip to the store, but it's often soothing warm, and it has some protein too!

And I want to add my voice to the sugar lobby here :) Helps calm queasy tummies... I usually drink my tea just with milk, but when I'm feeling iffy, I add sugar. Maybe hot water (or chamomile or peppermint) with honey? Stir your plain hot water with a candy cane, LOL?


Barbara C. said...

I was going to suggest chicken broth, too. With my 3rd pregnancy I did Lipton cup-of-soup packs every morning.

I get a little queasy during my first trimester, but luckily I never puke. I find that it's a matter of eating something high-protein before I start getting hungry/queasy. I have a bigger problem with dizziness.