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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Epic Self Examination Fail

Writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education, a philosophy professor from University of Denver considers the question of "Why do liberal arts professors lean left" and determines, "Oh, it's because we obviously understand the nature of reality better than everyone else."


Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus said...

May that philosophy professor follow in the way of Rep. John Murtha - and soon.

I am sick and tired of this liberal crap.

Darwin said...

I hardly think it's appropriate to wish someone dead simply for being foolish.

bearing said...

Who says he's "equivalently educated" to an engineer or a doctor, and therefore justified in complaining about his comparably lower compensation.

Clearly he failed to broaden his liberal education to include some basic economics. He should ask himself how much demand there is for what he is trained to produce.

Kyle Cupp said...

Now if he were a real philosophical leftist, he'd have dismissed the very notion of "the nature of reality."

CMinor said...

I'm amused by the commenter who began,
"An auto mechanic with 15 years of experience is still an auto mechanic..." then went on to belittle the mechanic for presumably not having the skills to improve himself, and to "learn to learn."

As far as I'm concerned any auto mechanic who can read and write competently can "learn to learn" without any help from a prof, if he puts his mind to it.

And the liberal arts snob who finds his car broken down just might discover the value of a well-trained auto mechanic.

Foxfier said...

Today is a good day for laughter.

TS said...

Ha, a definite Span the Glober. Reminds me of this story in the WAPO.

Anonymous said...

I note with pride that you never see such nonsense coming from engineering schools.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I stumbled on this blog and started poking around, ready to read some thought-provoking religious philsophy and what do I read but the same rancid hate that infects so much of the Internet. The commenter wishes a stranger dead because he disagrees with him? Well, philosophical Christians, enjoy your sharing your bile with your own rank and file. I won't be back.