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Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy Day after Valentine's Day! I intend to celebrate by getting some chocolates at a major discount.


Christine said...

I went to the grocery store this morning with the same intention and then remembered that Lent starts Wednesday - no goodies here.

Much to the children's dismay we're giving up desserts for Lent.

mrsdarwin said...

That's why I would eat all my chocolates in one sitting. :)

nicole said...

Wal-mart has V-day candy on sale for 50% off. I got some.

Unknown said...

I would have if we didn't have a foot of snow and counting. So I made some fudge instead. Just enough for today and tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day to all the little Darwins.
Grandma A.

Erin Hale said...

More importantly, here in Chicago, McDonald's begins selling Shamrock Shakes today. They are a religious experience in and of themselves, but if you meditate on the Trinity while consuming one, it counts as a sacrament!