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Friday, May 07, 2010

The Horror! The Horror!

If you thought my adventures in homeopathy were harrowing, check this out:
The world has been placed on a heightened security alert following reports that New Age terrorists have harnessed the power of homeopathy for evil. ‘Homeopathic weapons represent a major threat to world peace,’ said President Barack Obama, ‘they might not cause any actual damage but the placebo effect could be quite devastating.’

The H2O-bomb has been developed by the radical New Age group, The Axis of Aquarius. In a taped message to the world, their leader, Professor Hubert Pennington, said: ‘For too long the New Age movement has been dismissed as a bunch of beardy weirdy cranks and charlatans. But now we have weapons-grade homeopathy and we demand to be taken seriously.’

Homeopathic bombs are comprised of 99.9% water but contain the merest trace element of explosive. The solution is then repeatedly diluted so as to leave only the memory of the explosive in the water molecules. According to the laws of homeopathy, the more that the water is diluted, the more powerful the bomb becomes.

...The severity of the situation has already resulted in the New Age terror threat level being raised from ‘lilac’ to the more worrisome ‘purple’ aura. Meanwhile, new security measures at airports require that all water bottles be scanned to ensure that they are not being used to smuggle the memory of an explosion on board a plane.

Fortunately, the Homeopathic ER is ready to handle any emergency.


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I saw that, too. Beautiful.


honeybee said...

Of course you had a bad experience --you were not treated by a real homeopath -- just a midwife who was pretending to be one.

You did not receive real homeopathic treatment. No true homeopath prescribes the way your midwife did.

Those of us who are very successfully treated by real homeopaths know it works.