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Thursday, May 27, 2010

St. Francis de Sales on Anger

" Humble goodness is the virtue of virtues, very highly recommended by Our Lord. Hence we should practice it always and everywhere. Evil must be avoided, but calmly. Good must be done, but always serenely. Follow this rule: that which you can see be done in charity, do; what cannot be done without dispute, do not do. In other words, peace and tranquility of soul must always take preference over all actions."

"If possible, never become angry and always reject any pretext for allowing anger to gain admission to your heart, for once it has entered, you will no longer be able to banish it when you desire, or moderate it. If, however, you find that because of your weakness it has gained a foothold in your heart, summon all your will power and see that you set your heart at peace. But you must do so serenely, never violently."

"The means of overcoming anger are: 1. Forestall such feelings as much as possible, or at least banish them at once by thinking of something else. 2. In imitation of the Apostles when the storm arose on the sea, have recourse to God, Who will restore peace to your heart. 3. While you are boiling, do not talk nor offer any opposition concerning the point in question. 4. Strive to be humble and courteous towards the person with whom you feel angry, especially if he has shown resentment in any way.''

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