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Friday, May 20, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. Hate you, Blogger.

2. Thanks for all the music advice. I'm going to check out Mumford and Sons and the Wailing Jennys. Bernard mentioned Dave Matthews, which took me way back to my sophomore year, when I listened to almost nothing else.

3. Here's another example of a song I liked right away:

I guess this is a cover, but the other versions didn't grab me at all. So I went to look up this band, but they've drifted off the scene. This version of this song isn't available on iTunes, and the album it's on costs about $30 used. I considered buying it, but as I Googled around, I found the band's old page on which some impassioned but silly political opinions were bandied about. Nope, I'll listen to it on youtube.


4. Here's a video for commenter Mandamum:

If my brothers hosted a talk show, this is how it would go.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake can come dance in my living room any day.


5. Do you think the neighborhood minds that three out of four panels of the screen door are ripped and flapping? Because it's not getting fixed any time soon.


6. We've been talking about going on Parents' Retreat: going away just by ourselves (shut up!) for a weekend, to talk about family, about schooling, about plans, about anything. By ourselves. Without, for example, a two-year-old sitting on my lap trying to push the space bar. Of course, we've been talking about this for almost a year, but it keeps getting put off due to the demands of... the family.


7. This was not really the day you want to have right before The Rapture. Maybe I'll be whisked up into Purgatory, or does it work that way?

Vacation next week!


Big Tex said...


bearing said...

Ummmm... you're expecting twins? (duck&run)

Lauren said...

Every sin! Was it a really tough day.

Jenny said...


mrsdarwin said...


That is all. But you're having so much fun, I won't take down the post. :)

entropy said...

Ha! I was thinking twins too, bearing!

Bernard Brandt said...

Glad to know that you like the Wailin' Jennys, and even more glad to know that you've long been a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. I'm curious as to what you think of Groogrux (or however that silly and yet beautiful album is spelled).

And a warning that I will probably be inflicting on my weblog the long feared (if not awaited) How to Direct a Choir.

mrsdarwin said...

Bernard, that will be especially relevant to me right now, as I'm attempting to direct our start-up schola here in Ohio. I need all the advice you can lay on me!

I listened religiously to Dave Matthews for a while, up until his Busted Stuff album (I think). Around that time I dropped entirely out of the new music scene, so I didn't even know he was still recording. But I will find some of his newer songs and give them a listen.

Enbrethiliel said...


Blogger just restored some comments I thought were lost forever.

I really do sympathise, Mrs. Darwin, but as impishly provoking as Blogger is with you, it is wonderful to me. =P

JMB said...

LOL Love the Bee Gees!

JMB said...

Wait, isn't Robin bald now? Or close to it?

mandamum said...

Thanks, Mrs. Darwin, for thinking of me! I also heard Rolling in the Deep again this AM at the dentist and enjoyed it--glad I can pick through the music recommendations you've received.

CMinor said...

My daughter likes Mumford and Sons. What little I've heard intrigues me--kinda-sorta Celtic jiggy. Makes me think music might just be making a comeback.