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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Video Killed the Blog Star: Pseudo-Highbrow Edition

Why write when I can link to linky goodness?

The Lady Gaga Fugue

Okay, I've only heard this song in its French Revolution spoof, but it has a hook that lodges in one's brain. Here, some enterprising musician has written a Bachesque counterpoint that sounds surprisingly authentic. The Youtube site has a link for downloading the score, so I know what I'll be practicing this month.

Existential Star Wars.
French, with faux Sartre subtitles.

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I exist, and I find it nauseating."

Jersey Shore, by Oscar Wilde.
Again, something I've never seen, transmogrified into something I find hilarious.

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Posh Dancing.

Jane Austen never wrote this, especially not that naughty word.


Mrs. Zummo said...

I learned from a Teaching Company course on music history that the Bach family used to sit around at holidays and make fugues and other high brow compositions based on popular songs. He would totally approve to the Lady Gaga Fugue.

CMinor said...

My music nerd husband was in ecstasies over the fugue: whoever composed it apparently followed the rules to the letter. It was like watching sports with him: "And yes! There's the tonic again!"

"Guidos Gone Wilde" almost makes me wish I had cable and could remotely justify wasting an hour on Jersey Shore. Though I suspect this version is better.

Bernard Brandt said...

And, as long as we are indulging in novelistic or film rewrites of familiar topics, may I recommend:

Darwin said...

Thanks, Bernard. I hadn't seen that. Hilarious.