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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

O Canada!

The kids and I have said our rosary and we're heading out to vote. Our country will not automatically fall or rise based on who concedes tonight (though I'm not as sanguine about the stock market), but for those who take a more desperate view, The Bundle has a handy set of instructions on How To Move To Canada If Your Candidate Doesn't Win The Election.

Everything I know about living in Canada comes from Anne of Green Gablesand Mrs. Mike, so my only advice to those who must go north is: don't forget to pack the snow boots and the ipecac syrup.


Rebekka said...

Those poor Canadians, having to put up with "there's always Canada" every four years... Happy Election Day. Or, well... Minimally Disappointed Election Day!

lissla lissar said...

We also have moose.

I would love some snow this year. We didn't get any last year and there was great disappointment (cue huge blizzards all winter).