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Monday, November 12, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Fix It Now.

Friends, perhaps you, like me, are procrastinators. Perhaps you have some project you have been putting off, or waiting for the five or ten or thirty uninterrupted minutes during which you can finally tackle some crucial project and have any hope of doing competent work. It could be that your pantry door has been off its track for ages because every time you fix it it pops out again, and that the door has been folded and leaning on the frame for ages because you just haven't had a chance to reset it. But you'll get to it.

And then one day the door decides it wants to topple over, and it hits your own dear mother in the head and knocks her unconscious. And you are to blame because you didn't get around to fixing it and you wouldn't carry it down to the basement because then you'd never get around to fixing it. And your mother is fine after a while, which is a relief, but it could very well have been one of the babies who was in the path of two heavy, hinged, toppling panels. And you take that door right down to the basement, where it should have gone months ago.

Fix it, friends. Fix it today, or get it out of the way. You've been warned.


Brandon said...

Holy moly! Did this really happen?

Anonymous said...

I bet one of the first things your mom said afterwards was, "Thank goodness that was me, and not the babies"...amiright?

MrsDarwin said...

Brandon and Anon, my answer to each of you is, "Exactly as described."

Julia said...

Sigh. I suppose this applies to heavy wooden doors which have been pried off the hinges by a daughter breaking in pointe shoes by slamming them in the door. Do you think the fact that I don't have a basement is any guarantee that all will be well?