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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Got Yer Coolest Catholic Blogs Right Here

We're so underground that we didn't even hear of the Sheenazing Blogger Awards (that's as in Fulton Sheen) until someone notified us that we'd been nominated for Coolest Blogger(s): "Reading this blog makes you awesome just by association." Lots of pressure there, but we cool.

It may be that I'm entirely out of the loop, but I didn't recognize many of the bloggers nominated for almost anything. The Catholic interwebs have changed since we first started writing almost eight years ago, and many blogs have risen and fallen in the meantime. I also hadn't realized that Catholic blogging had fractured so thoroughly into gender enclaves -- seems like it used to be that most people read most people, or as least that's how it was in the circles in which we ran.

And so, speaking of the circles in which we run, we've quickly thrown together our own list of Coolest Catholic blogs. They may not be the biggest or the loudest, but reading these guys definitely "makes you awesome just by association."

Brandon Watson
Elizabeth Duffy
Clare Coffey
Bob the Ape
Shredded Cheddar
Amy Welborn
Mike Flynn
Helen Rittelmeyer
Almost Chosen People
Lotsa Laundry


bearing said...

Well thank you! The same back!

Bob the Ape said...

This is an honor indeed! Thank you - and please add Darwin Catholic to the list.

Brandon said...

Thanks, although I like to think that it's just the fact that you guys are so cool that just reading you makes someone so cool that they are awesome by association.

I didn't recognize most of the blogs on most of the lists, either; about one out of every five, and that's including the repeats. I must be getting out of touch in my blogging old age.

Jenny said...

I have never had a blog but have been reading them for, I guess, 9 years. I have come to the conclusion in the last year that I am officially getting old.

I used to read all the young Catholic blogs written by people around my age. We were all hip and with it, right? And now I still read a lot of those same blogs, but in the past year it seems a new crop has sprung.

The authors of these new blogs are not my age. Some of them are a decade younger than I am. I feel codgerly reading their youthful enthusiasm. I'm only 35, but I think I may be getting old now. :)

mrsdarwin said...

You guys are mere dilettantes in the age department. Come back and talk to me when you have as much silver hair as I do -- which will be never, because I come from a family which goes gray early and often, and I've only ever met one person my age who could outdo me in the silver department (thinking of you, John Henry). I have more gray hair than my lovely mother-in-law, and she raised Darwin.

I don't mind, though I hope the statement it makes to the young upstarts is, "You better recognize," rather than, "Dang, she looks OLD."

Eric Mendoza said...

Stay cool, Mrs. D!

Donald R. McClarey said...


BettyDuffy said...

I like your list--and am pleased as punch to be on it.

nancyo said...

I've began reading Catholic blogs at the time of Pope John Paul II's death and the selection of Pope Benedict XVI. The list of Catholic bloggers seemed long then (I'm thinking, for example, of the blogroll on Amy Welborn's then-blog) but was so much more easily manageable than today's explosion of Catholicism in the blogosphere! (and I'm older, no doubt, than any commenter here, and happy to find so much wisdom in the writing of bloggers half my age!)

nancyo said...

oops, make that "*I* began reading..."