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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday night

What I'm drinking.

What I'm watching.

How I'm feeling.


MrsDarwin said...

It's come to my attention that my toddy recipe may be behind a firewall, so here it is:

Hot Toddy

In a large cup, combine 1 spoonful honey, juice of ¼ lemon, 1 cinnamon stick, small dash cayenne (optional but recommended) and the tea bag of your choice. Stick 3 cloves into 1 small lemon wedge and add to the cup. Pour in a slug of bourbon, as much or as little as you like. Fill cup with boiling water, stir well and let steep 5 minutes. Savor slowly; repeat as necessary.

I too recommend the dash of cayenne.

Brandon said...

That looks very good.

MrsDarwin said...

It is, even if you only happen to have limes sitting around. This might become my evening go-to drink, especially when I'm feeling sinusy.