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Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I am a pilgrim"

We just watched Pope Benedict's last address -- possibly his last public appearance ever -- at Castel Gandolfo. He spoke for less than a minute, mostly giving his heartfelt thanks to the emotional crowd gathered below his balcony, but one thing that did stand out was that he said that he is just a pilgrim on a pilgrimage. That's certainly true now -- he gets to be just a pilgrim again, a private citizen of the church, allowed to live his life without the constant scrutiny of cameras and media. Pray for us, Benedict.

We watched his address on NBCNews because they have Fr. Barron and George Weigel as commentators. Unlike when Pope John Paul II died, we don't have cable, and so will be relying on internet streaming for our coverage. I'm hoping that the WSJ will send out a news alert during the conclave when the smoke starts rising -- I'm not on Facebook for Lent, so I can't rely on the newshounds there to keep me informed.


Amber said...

Thanks for the tip about NBC - we don't have any TV at all so I was wondering how to watch without getting totally obnoxious commentary! It feels so strange to be Papa-less - I wasn't Catholic 8 years ago and I was only watching as a somewhat curious outsider. Amazing what 8 years has done!

JMB said...

I'll text you if I hear anything!

mrsdarwin said...

Yes, do! I'll take all the texts and emails people want to send.

And I miss you on FB!