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Monday, March 16, 2020

The Face For Radio!

Comic by Eleanor, my 17yo
Welcome to all listeners of the Son Rise Morning Show! As per my point about getting rest, I didn't get up to listen, but my sister-in-law Anna Mitchell tells me that our interview about homeschooling temporarily during quarantine ran at 6:35 this morning. For all readers here, I'll update this post with the recording when it's up on the Morning Show website.

UPDATE: And here's the audio! I can't stand listening to myself, but I hope you find the interview mellifluous.

Here is the post we discussed: How to Homeschool Temporarily (in the Event of Quarantine).

Tomorrow morning I'll be on with Anna discussing my followup post on working at home with young children: How to Homeschool Temporarily, Part 2 -- The Little Kids.

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