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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Ultimate Jane Austen Hero Bracket: Round One

 You need something diverting, nay, excessively diverting, for your Friday, so here it is: the Ultimate Jane Austen Hero Bracket: Round One

That's right.  In this first of four rounds, you pick the winner between eight randomly paired matchups of Austen's male characters.  How do you pick the winner?  If you're picking between Pride & Prejudice's Mr. Wickham and Sense & Sensibility's Mr. Willoughby (and yes, that's one of the matchups which our random pairing generator provided), are you picking the better of the two or the greater rogue?  That decision is up to you.

Click through to Google Forms to cast your vote, then share with your fellow partisans and vote as many more times as you like.  It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no depth to which it is inappropriate to stoop in order to see that the best man wins... or is won.

The prize... is not ten thousand a year and a barouche.  Indeed, there is no prize at all other than the glory of seeing justice be done.

We'll tally the results Friday night, announce the first round winners, and re-randomize those most eligible gentlemen as they go into the second round.  

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