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Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Ultimate Austen Second Tier Bracket: Round Two


You might as well call it the scoundrel elimination round. Tilney père et frère lost to their wholesome challengers, as did the besotted Lord Manwaring and the unctuous Mr. Elton. Robert Ferrars and Mr. Rushworth must both retire to discuss snuff boxes and pink satin cloaks. And alas, we must bid adieu to such worthy fellows as dear James Morland and the seriously underrated William Price.

Now in Round Two, the choices are not so easy. This time we haven't re-randomized, but will play the brackets as they lay.

Will you persuade Captain Benwick to forget the memory of his lost love, or do you prefer to rescue Reginald De Courcy from Lady Susan's snares?

Will second-son Colonel Fitzwilliam's gentlemanly manners and good health avail against reformed and convalescing eldest son Tom Bertram?

In the universe of discourse that is Lady Susan, can canonical rattle Sir James Martin hope to prevail against the amiability and spiritual consolation of the cinematic Little Red-Haired Curate?

The stage and the plow engage in class warfare as gentleman amateur thespian Mr. Yates goes head to head with the industrious tenant farmer Robert Martin.

Which second-tier heroes will advance to the Final Four? Cast your votes.

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